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Shanghai No power play equipment

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Are non-power amusement facilities fun in Shanghai? The unpowered amusement equipment is designed and manufactured individually according to the needs of customers. The unpowered amusement equipment is bright in color, not easy to fade, light, anti-static, wear-resistant, sun-proof, aging-proof and crack-proof, and generally the unpowered amusement equipment is safe and durable in structure, ingenious in design, harmonious in color matching, ingenious combination of various parts of plastics, and children's amusement equipment brings safety, joy and liveliness to children. Feeling. Installed in playgrounds, kindergartens and communities can create unlimited joy and attraction in a limited space.
  Outdoor non-power recreation equipment is a combination of fitness and entertainment. It carefully designs various styles according to children's interests and hobbies. Outdoor children's amusement equipment is tailored to the characteristics of children's sports. Outdoor powerless amusement equipment can be designed and manufactured individually according to the needs of customers. Generally, outdoor amusement equipment has bright colors, not easy to fade, degree, anti-static, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, aging-resistant, crack-proof, safe and durable structure, ingenious design, harmonious color collocation, and ingenious combination of various components of children's amusement equipment.

There are also many non-power recreational equipment, such as: large outdoor slides, large drilling nets, children's climbing frame, large trampoline, stainless steel slides, jungle leap, etc. Many outdoor non-power recreation equipment specifications are relatively unique, mainly applicable to larger communities, schools, kindergartens and parks for children to play. All products can be customized according to the specific site size and customer requirements. You only need a phone to tell us the size of your site and the desired effect. We will send professional designers to communicate with you and make the preliminary effect map for you until you are satisfied.