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Can you make money by investing in a children's indoor park

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Can Shanghai make money by investing in a children's indoor playground? With the development of society, more and more people want to invest in children's indoor playgrounds, but most people are still more hesitant, many investors are more concerned about investing in children's playground this piece of market prospects? How long can i be able to recover my investment? What should you do for people who want to invest but don't know how to operate?
Pastoral Child Editor according to their own experience of more than ten years to the vast number of investors and prospective investors to analyze:
What does the Home Look for in the Children's Paradise Market? China is the world's largest population, currently 0-12 years old children about 230 million, the annual new population of 20 million, to the average annual cost of 2000 yuan per child, this market size sales of about 400 billion yuan, so investing in children's indoor park is a large enough market.
Second, how long can the investment be recovered? For example, a 200 square meters children's playground, the general investment is about 12-20 million, according to Monday to Friday every day 80 people, weekend s200 people a day, 40 yuan per person, A week's income in about 32,000 yuan, a month's income about 130,000, remove the site rental costs and workers' wages, utilities and other 30,000 yuan, then a month's net profit in 100,000 yuan, so about two months can recover the investment.
Finally, this question is actually very simple, because now many companies have joined, so for do not understand the investors do not have to worry about operating this aspect. Of course, there is a very important, that is, the location of the children's amusement park, often many investors are blindly choose a venue and then on the horse, the result is the park built up and operating miserable. So location location is important.
So what are the requirements for the selection of children's playgrounds?
1, high frequency of commercial activities in the region;
2, high population density areas;
3, the city center with a high traffic;
4, similar shops sniper block (baby supplies shop);
General success stories are located dependent on large shopping malls, large supermarkets, department stores, city squares, pedestrian streets, McDonald's, KFC and so on. For some other safety requirements can be referred to the state for children's playgrounds, children's playground location regulations.