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what price of one set kids outdoor playground?

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How much is the price of shanghai children's playground equipment? The price of children's playground equipment is related to a number of factors, the main factors are the following three points:
1, children's playground size: First, to select a venue, generally like the supermarket shopping center, tens to hundreds of square smaller, the larger the area, the more expensive the price, so the size of the area is not the same price of course.
2, children's playground site location: the area belongs to a first- and second-tier big city or small town, in the area is located in the central location or surrounding location, the location of the site, such as the flow of people, these will involve the site rent and other costs, different areas, different lots required for the cost is not equal.
3, children's playground equipment configuration: after the venue is determined, need to see the playground program configured equipment, the more functions designed in the scheme, the more accessories, the higher the price, so this is also an important factor involving the price.
So for "How much is a square meter of children's playground equipment?" "This question is the need for customers to do a detailed up-front communication with us, in order to give a suitable budget to the customer, rather than how much money to do directly to answer."
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