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How much is a square meter for Shanghai Children's Indoor Pa

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How much is a square meter for Shanghai Children's Indoor Park? Some customers who invest in children's indoor parks often ask a question: How much is a square meter for children's indoor parks? How much does it cost to open a children's playground? How much does it cost to invest in an indoor park? For us, these questions can not be directly answered, because there are many factors to do a children's playground equipment, but the main factors that restrict the price of children's indoor park are the following two points:
1, the size of the children's playground to be done by the customer, the general customer before deciding to invest in this project must be optimistic about the site. Most children's playgrounds are in supermarkets, squares and so on, such as this indoor park is generally tens to hundreds of square meters range, the larger the area, the more expensive the children's playground is relatively expensive, so the area is different, the price is naturally different.
  2, the second factor is the configuration of the children's playground, the more functions of the design, the more children's park equipment required, the higher the price of course, on the contrary, the price is cheaper.
Now there are two main types of children's playground, one is the traditional ordinary indoor park, one is electric children's playground, relatively speaking, the price of ordinary park in 300-800 yuan per square, the price of electric is relatively relatively high point, in 800-1200 yuan per square. But now most children's park equipment manufacturers do not follow this standard to quote, but according to customer demand quotations.
So customers in the consultation on the price of children's park must first determine their own needs, and then understand the manufacturers can provide the type of products, is ordinary or electric, or the combination of these two types of products. However, sometimes in many cases the customer does not know what theme of the children's park to design, what accessories need to be placed, then this requires these children's playground equipment manufacturers according to the customer's site and requirements, to provide a detailed design and product quotation list, so that customers make a choice, It is up to the customer to choose the most suitable indoor park design.