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Shanghai outdoor playground manufacturer

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Which is the best Children's play manufacturer in Shanghai? Find suitable children's play manufacturers, not only product quality is guaranteed, but also after-sales service do not have to worry, provide a map size, the general manufacturers will give me a reasonable design plan, according to the program to make equipment. There are many aspects to pay attention to open children's amusement park, but in general is the above introduction of a few points, grasp the core, we can have a better development ideas, we can better deal with the problem.
Here are some factors to consider: 
Excellent quality quality is the life of the equipment, if there is no good quality, the appearance of good is also sooner or later to go wrong. And we choose amusement equipment, we must personally look at the quality of products, workmanship, because in general, children's indoor amusement equipment is involved in a larger amount, so go to the manufacturers to see not too much.
  Novel appearance Children's amusement park is mostly supplied to children to play, so the appearance of beautiful determine the good or bad business, but also the operator's most worthy of attention to the first. Colorful colors, strange shapes are sure to attract many children's favor.
The price of children's amusement equipment is always a big aspect of the operator's consideration, each customer investment is different, may need to change, in the comprehensive above factors, how to select a good amusement equipment manufacturerat at the same price is our first consideration. But keep in mind that we've met a lot of people who regret buying because of the low price. High prices are not necessarily good, low prices are not necessarily poor, there is no absolute only to see my own ability to choose.